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Thank you for your interest in starting or growing your MSWSN campus chapter. Please fill out our initial interest form by clicking the link below. Filling this information out will help us gather more information about your chapter and aid our efforts to best support your MSWSN chapter. Please fill out the initial interest form by clicking here
What do we ask of MSWSN chapters?
1) Connect to MSWSN and other MSWSN chapters on social media/Follow other MSWSN chapters and share their posts:
Facebook: Macro Social Work Student Network 
LinkedIn: MSWSN: Macro Social Work Student Network 
2) Develop your own technological infrastructure and post at least twice a month:
Develop a MSWSN page on your school's website
Create a Twitter
Create a Facebook page
3) Additional asks of chapters:
Identify your chapter's interests and needs, and create a meeting schedule for your chapter to discuss these topics, create action plans, and follow through
Share your meeting minutes with us! We want to be in touch with what is happening at your respective MSWSN chapter, learn how we can best support your organization, and be able to share what you are doing with other MSWN Organizations
Participate in our  MSWSN Zoom meetings to share what your MSWSN chapter has been working on, to learn what other chapters have been working on, and to contribute to the planning and growth of our coalition!
Please fill out the initial interest form by clicking here.