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Message from the Co-Chairs: September 2020

Jan Ivery and Rachel West, Interim Co-Chairs  | Published on 9/27/2020
If someone would have told us in March as social distancing measures and mandated shutdowns were enacted that we would start the fall still working and learning virtually, we would have never have ever imagined it. After a summer of protests in response to multiple instances of police brutality, widespread attention to long-standing issues of structural racism, a divided nation, hurricanes, and wildfires, we are in a new “normal” as many of us return to campus and/or children return to school. To be honest, it has been an exhausting summer dealing with these issues while also preparing for the upcoming (and critical) election. Yet, we cannot be distracted from the importance of getting people out to vote as an important step to initiate the type of social change our country desperately needs. This week’s e-Blast includes resources and opportunities to become involved in voter mobilization efforts.

One of our strengths as macro social workers is that we do not give up and we will persist. Life may look a little different now but we cannot lose hope that things will get better. Until then, remember to engage in self-care. This will look different for everyone - some prefer to exercise, others may need to devote time away from the news and social media, while some may need to connect with family and friends virtually for an evening of laughs and catching up. No matter what you choose, do something. We will get through this.

Jan Ivery and Rachel West, Interim Co-Chairs