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Call for Twitter Engagement

Michel Coconis | Published on 4/21/2021
ACOSA members and supporters: As we turn our attention to building our own infrastructure for more outreach and member and partner engagement, we want to invite you to remember ACOSA when you post to your Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook accounts. We are monitoring these accounts for use and seeking to understand the engagement of our members and nonmembers when using social media. We know that some number of our members and supporters use social media for classes, news alerts, a good laugh, and to connect with family, friends, colleagues, and even strangers - we are social workers after all. We are asking those members who use Twitter (or other social media) to become more engaged with ACOSA when online with these services. If you don't follow ACOSA (@acosaorg), please do so and join the over 600 followers we currently have. We'd love to grow our Twitter following but we also want that growth to be useful to those followers. At a time when the life of a tweet is approximately 22 minutes and the attention span of many of us is getting shorter, we know that ACOSA is competing for your "eye-time" and engagement.

Still, if you are engaged in Twitter one day and you see one or more posts that you think would be of interest to macro social workers and supports, favorite the message and consider re-tweeting. You can re-tweet with or without a message; however, if you retweet WITH a message, you may include @acosaorg and #macroSW in your message. The @ directs your message to our ACOSA Twitter feed and the # maintains a way to search for tweets that contain that # in the search box. We appreciate any and all engagement and we aim to see how we do this now to see how we might make a change in the future.

We ask you to create your own post and to include @acosaorg in the message so it goes to the stream. We ask you to favorite messages in our stream and to retweet them (even if it came from our stream, you need to retweet with a message to include @acosaorg) so that it returns to the same info feed.

Too technical or too much work? We get that. However, most of you are doing something RIGHT NOW - with end-of-year student projects, theses, and dissertations that involve some aspect of macro social work - whether it is about group work, community organizing, community development, organizational development, and management, or policy practice and, of course, research - we all have project successes and failures to share with each other. You may send your summary to (along with any photo of people, graphics, documents, or the like (permission assumed if you provide the photo, file, or likeness)) to be used for our ACOSA blog as well as distribution to our social media. If it is an urgent CALL TO ACTION you may need to find a way to post directly; however, if there is wiggle room or a lot of room, you may send your story/report to us and we will distribute them through our blog, eBlast, and social media accounts.

We are doing the work in large and small places, with groups of varying sizes, with different degrees of success, using multiple strategies and all of it matters - for education and for making change, especially in the collective.

(Consider your shoulder tapped and us asking you directly for your input, your stories, your lessons, your hope, your selves.)

Your LEAD Social Media Team

Thanks for all you do!