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Member Involvement Needed!

Published on 5/31/2023

Member Involvement Needed!

We have several initiatives or projects that will be getting underway soon and want to invite ACOSA members to be involved. Please email if you are interested in any (or all) of these efforts.

  • It’s time to think about Awards. Our Awards committee is chaired by board member, Stephen "Zak" Tomczak. We’re looking for members to assist with the two award subcommittees:
  1. Individual Awards – review nominations for various awards (e.g., Outstanding Doctoral Student, Outstanding Practitioner) and select recipients. Most of this work happens in early Fall.
  2. Marie Weil Award for JCP Best Article – review articles from the 2022 volume and select a "best article." Usually this involves rating 20-22 articles and ideally the work happens during the summer. Bonus: this is a great way to find timely articles for Fall classes.
  • The term for the current JCP editorial team ends in December 2024. ACOSA is responsible for naming the journal editor(s). We will be soliciting proposals for a new editorial team and need an ad-hoc committee to review proposals and make recommendations to the board. The proposals are fairly detailed, and in addition to reviewing them, the selection committee usually interviews the finalist teams. To have overlap between the outgoing and incoming editors, we need to have a new editorial team named by July 2024. Most of the committee work would be in early 2024.
  • The Governance Committee has recommended that a separate ad-hoc Strategic Planning Committee be formed to oversee our strategic planning activities. Several of you have already volunteered, but there’s room for more!
  • Discussions are underway with the Special Commission and partner organizations to revise the Macro Curriculum Guide. ACOSA would take the lead on the community practice content. While details are forthcoming, we know that member participation will be critical to the continued success of this publication.