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SC Leadership and Commissioners

The Special Commission today is a collaboration of multiple partners and stakeholders. It is comprised of 30 commissioners, who are leading macro social work scholars and practitioners. These commissioners lead the Special Commission’s five Action Clusters, which work under the oversight of the Leadership Committee to expand and promote the status of macro practice in the field of social work. The work of these Action Clusters are supplemented by multiple task forces and working groups, who are responsible for special projects and focuses. 

Leadership Committee:

Dr. Darlyne Bailey, Co-Chair
Dean and Professor Emeritus
Bryn Mawr College Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research

Dr. Terry Mizrahi, Co-Chair
Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College

Dr. Jan Ivery, ACOSA Interim Co-Chair
Assistant Dean 
Andrew Young School of Policy Studies at Georgia State University 


Rachel West, ACOSA Interim Co-Chair
Co-founder/Director of Administration
#MacroSW, Inc.

Dr. Alice Gates, ACOSA Liaison 
Assistant Professor
University of Portland, Sociology and Social Work Department


Mimi Abramovitz, Hunter College
Deb Adams, University of Kentucky
Darlyne Bailey    , Bryn Mawr College
Diane Bessel, Daemen College
Sheryl    Brissett Chapman, National Center for Children & Families
Steve Burghardt, Hunter College
Lisa Carr, Senior Advisor, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
Michel    Coconis, Mental Health America of Franklin County (Ohio)
Dick Cook, University of Maryland
Sam Copeland, Stephen F. Austin State University
Diana    DiNitto, University of Texas
Sondra     Fogel,    University of South Florida
Bruce Friedman, California State University, Bakersfield   
Alice Gates, University of Portland
Lorraine Gutierrez, University of Michigan
Sunny    Harris Rome, George Mason University
Kristie    Holmes, CRISP
Mark Homan, ACOSA
Altaf Husain, Howard University
Charles Lewis, CRISP
Terry Mizrahi, Hunter College
Amy Murphy-Nugen, West Carolina University
Murali Nair, University of Southern California
Peg Pittman-Munke, Murray State University
Linda Plitt Donaldson, Catholic University of America
Loretta Pyles, University at Albany, SUNY
Jack Rothman, UCLA
Becki Sander , Silberman/ACOSA
Margaret Sherraden, University of Missouri, St. Louis
Tracy Soska, University of Pittsburgh